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The idea of involving students in the task of national service dates back to the times of Mahatma Gandhi who tired to impress upon his student audience that they should always keep before them their supreme responsibility. The first duty of the students should be to prepare themselves for final dedication to the service of the community on whose back they were resting and not to indulge in intellectual luxury. He advised them to form a living contact and exhorted them to do something positive so that the life of the village might be raised to higher material and moral levels.

Aims and Objectives

  • Understand the community in which they work.
  • Understand themselves in relation to their community.
  • Identify the needs and problems of the community in the solution of which they can be involved.
  • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  • Apply their education to finding practical solutions to individual and community problems
  • Develop competence required for group living and responsibility sharing.
  • Gain skills in mobilizing community participation.
  • Acquire leadership qualities and a democratic attitude.
  • Develop the capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Practice national integration.

The Motto : “NOT ME BUT YOU”

NSS Symbol : ‘Rath’ wheel of the Konark Sun Temple in Orissa.

NSS Day : 24th September, 1969.

NSS Song

During the silver jubilee year of the NSS, a theme song was composed. All NSS volunteers are expected to learn the theme song and sing it during NSS programmes and celebrations. The theme song cassette is available and it is also given at the end of the manual.

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